[Mailman-Users] using moderation - admin not on mx

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Jul 25 20:02:58 CEST 2008

Mark Heer wrote:

> I am running 2 mail exchangers that handle the mailman list distribution
> and a third machine serves up the list administration web gui.

The distribution part of this problem is just delivering the mail that has 
already gone through the mailing list server.  So, all admin work would be 
done on the mailing list server, and the list admins don't need to worry 
about anything else.

>                                                                  Trouble
> is that when a message is held for moderator approval, I click on the url
> mailman provides or go to the list admin page but it says 'There are no
> pending requests'.  I gahter that the message is being held on the mx
> machines as mailman expects the gui is on the mx right?

I'm not sure what you're calling an "mx machine".

As I would use this term, the message isn't going to get to the outbound 
mail relay until after it has been approved by a list moderator or list 
admin, and from there posted to the list and then distributed out to the 
recipients -- via the outbound mail relay.

>                                                          How can I fix
> this?  Can I send the message for approval to the admin machine, approve
> it, and send it back to mx somehow?

Sounds to me like you need to provide more information to us about your 
exact configuration.  Right now, we're just a bunch of blind men guessing 
about how an elephant might look, without ever having actually touched one 
or even just a part of one.

> Another topic, Can mailman be configured such that list administrators
> can use their LDAP passwd for authentication? I currently secure list
> archives in such a way.

I think that would require modification of the source code.  I'm not sure 
how much work that might be, but you could check the SourceForge patch list 
to see if anyone else has already done this and posted their patches.

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