[Mailman-Users] moderation rejection notices, etc.

Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Sat Jul 26 00:11:35 CEST 2008

Brad Knowles wrote at 11:23 AM 7/25/2008:
>Eudora mailboxes are not in proper 7th edition mbox format, so they cannot be imported directly.  You need to get that "???@???" crap fixed to be something reasonable before you can import them.

OK, maybe you can lead me to the specs for 7th edition mbox format.

But I think that if I can get a blank line in front of the "crap" that it may import OK. 

Or else maybe I have to move the From: header to the first line of the message, delete the Eudora "crap," and make sure there is a blank line before each message in the file. 

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