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Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
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"Maickel Pandie" <maickel.pandie at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Maickel,

> How big usually you set message size in your mailing list server? I
> know the default is 40 KB but it's to small for user that want to
> share some file

I run one list for a small group of users with a size limit of 5MB.
Normally, I would not set it anywhere near this high, for similar
reasons to those given by Brad Knowles.  However, this list is for
people that are not at all computer literate (it's a small group of
genealogists researching the same family), so expecting them to learn
how to use FTP would be an uphill struggle (some of them can't even
turn off HTML in their email client, even with a step-by-step guide).

I would suggest that increasing it much beyond 5MB may cause problems,
not with Mailman, but mail servers.  One of the users on the
aforementioned list used to regularly "miss" messages that had large
attachments.  At the time, the size limit was 10MB.  I asked about, and
it seems that some servers just silently delete mail over a certain
size (varies according to the server's settings, of course).  Somewhere
along the route to him, the messages would just get deleted.  No
courtesy messages were sent, either to him, or the list's server/me, to
let us know what had happened.

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