[Mailman-Users] How can one forward a rejected message to the listowner?

Sagy Volkov sagyvolkov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 04:59:37 CEST 2008


Thanks for the quick reply.
To sort out the confusion, what i meant by "acceptable" is that how don't
really care how the workflow will be (discard an email or reject an email),
as long as the result is that member of the list will NOT get any email sent
from non members, BUT, list moderators will receive any email, even the one
that are discard rejected AND that those non members who got discard/reject
will get an email notifying them they were rejected discard.

Right now, in the current configuration screen I can see from cPanel, the
mailman configuration, I can set auto reply to rejected messages from non
members (which is good), but i can not set the list mods to receive those
rejected emails.
On the other hand, there's an option to have all discard emails from non
members, going to list moderators, but non members who were discarded are
not getting any auto email saying they were discarded.

That's why I wrote, these two solutions tegother will give me what I want,
but i can not find how to implement them via mailman admin panel.

as for your 2nd suggestion, I don't want to use hold since that will mean
mods will need need to approve any post and that's not what i want.

Any suggestion/ways to fix this will be greatly appriciated.


Sagy Volkov

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 5:35 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> Sagy Volkov wrote:
> >
> >Mailman version version 2.1.9.cp2, this is running on a hosted
> environment.
> >Basically my goal is simple, I need to reject/discard/not allow any non
> >members from sending emails to my mailing list email address, but, I also
> >need to the list mods to receive all reject/discard/not allowed emails.
> >
> >When looking at "*Privacy options" -> "Senders filters" I have the option
> to
> >send a reject no***tice to non members, but I only have an option to send
> >discard posts to the list mods, no options to send automatic reply to
> >discard emails, so it looks like I have two halves of a solution but no
> way
> >to "connect" these halves.
> I'm a bit confused. You seem to be saying that either 'reject' or
> 'discard' of a non-member post is acceptable, but then you say you
> want a notice to the poster which implies 'discard' is not acceptable.
> Anyway, you can set forward_auto_discards to Yes, to forward discarded
> (but not rejected) messages to the list owners and moderators.
> Messages from nonmembers which are discarded because the sender is in
> discard_these_nonmembers or generic_nonmember_action is discard will
> be forwarded. There are no standard settings to forward to the owners
> and moderators those messages which are 'rejected'.
> >I ask the company who's hosting this machine, if I can forward the mailman
> >email address to another address (either some external address outside of
> >the list or one of the members) and they say it can not be done.
> >Not having full access to the system (I run this thing through cPanel),
> I'm
> >a bit confused about their reply.
> Their reply can mean anything from they don't know how to they don't
> want to for various reasons. Also see <http://wiki.list.org/x/sYA9>.
> If you want the owners/moderators to see every non-member post, have
> you considered 'holding' them instead? You could also set General
> Options->max_days_to_hold to some non-zero value to automatically
> discard them eventually.
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