[Mailman-Users] From status is coming incorrect from the msg circulated to mailing list

Vinita Aggarwal vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in
Thu Jun 5 12:00:51 CEST 2008


Dear Friends,


I need your help to sort out following problem. Please suggest.


I have configured mailman on a Linux based server. Domain name is


I have created a list moderated network at trrc-ten.org. my email id
vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in is listed in its administrator's and moderator's
and member's list. 


I have added a id vinita.aggarwal at gmail in its members list.


Now, when I send a email from vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in to
network at trrc-ten.org it gets circulated among all the members including my
vinita.aggarwalo at gmail.com


Now the problem is: when members check their email
(vinita.aggarwal at gmail.com..etc) they see that From is "
network-bounces at trrc-ten.org; on behalf of; Vinita Aggarwal
[vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in]" which is incorrect.


It should be From vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in



Please help me in identgying my mistake in configuring mailman or mailing
lists settings.



I look forward for early help.



Vinita Aggarwal

Mailgroup & Web Administrator

Solution Exchange

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

55 Lodi Estate, New Delhi - 110003 INDIA

e-mail: vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in 

Tel. 91-11-4653 2350


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Hi list,


I've got a problem with mailman. I run Suse with Apache2 and mailman
installed. Mailman was working fine for weeks. But since a few days, mailman
doesn't respond on mails. The webinterface is still working.


I checked the logfiles in /var/lib/mailman/logs but the last entry there is
5 days ago and was nothing like an error.


Does anyone have an idea how to check mailman and fix this problem?


Thank you for help, 

best regards,





Gesendet von Yahoo! Mail.

Dem pfiffigeren Posteingang.



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