[Mailman-Users] distributing of the mail is not ok

sfantar at snurf.info sfantar at snurf.info
Mon Jun 9 10:16:51 CEST 2008


I installed mailman. I created a mailing list to test if mailman works
fine or not. Well, mailman seems alsmot to work but there is just a

Let's assume, I have a mailing list : "test". And the mail used for this
mailing list is "test at lists.mydomain.tld", the members have to send
their mails at test at lists.mydomain.tld, sure, this email exists, but if
a member sends a mail to this address, the mail sticks with the folder
of the email (/var/spool/vmail/lists.mydomain.tld/test/new/), and so the
email is not distributed to the list.

I didn't find a solution, I think this  is a problem with the
configuration... Any ideas?

I'm running debian etch.


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