[Mailman-Users] URGENT Help required -suddenly some of the Umbrella lists is going unmoderated

Vinita Aggarwal vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in
Mon Jun 9 12:20:09 CEST 2008

Dear All,


Please help


Thursday I created two cross posts (umbrealla lists) se-mf_se-drm and
se-wes_se-drm. When around 5:00 Resource team started posting the messages
in these lists, they found that messages are going without moderation. They
reported me. I checked the mailman seetings and found that "By default,
should new list member postings be moderated?" setting was set to No which I
corrected to yes.  So, till Friday evening everything was ok. Then suddenly,
on Friday evening, again only se-mf_se-drm resource team reported that it
their message again went moderated. I again checked the settings. But this
time, settings were correct.  To handle the emergency, we had to delete that


Now, today, again one cross post se-mch_aids-se message went unmoderated. We
had to remove all members from this list.


I request you to please give attention to this concern as there are many
cross posts lists are running and if same problem gets replicated there then
it will be a huge pronlem.


Please suggest how to handle this situation and sort out this.


Vinita Aggarwal


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