[Mailman-Users] Spaces inserted in subjects

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jun 18 02:26:14 CEST 2008

Allan Odgaard wrote:

>On a new list I had this set in `mm_cfg.py` at creation time:
>This caused extra spaces between the tag inserted and the subject for  
>letters sent to the list.
>I suspected that this option was the problem, but I was unable to  
>disable it again (seems to be another one of those options only  
>settable at list creation time),

Nothing about this option is remembered in the list configuration.

>so I had to traverse the source and  
>eventually found the problem in `CookHeaders.py` where it does:
>     u' '.join([prefix, recolon, subject])
>But for new letters `recolon` will be the empty string.

I think you are correct about the cause, but this will occur if the
current setting of OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING is No or if the prefix contains
a %d replacement. I.e. any %d replacement in subject_prefix will
override OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING = Yes just like it says in Defaults.py.

I'll look at fixing this for 2.1.11. Thanks for the report.

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