[Mailman-Users] mail bouncing to devel machine

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 24 22:57:05 CEST 2008

Mark Heer wrote:
>I am having trouble with mailman bounced messages attempting to send to the wrong machine.
>Initially I set up mailman in a test environment - hostname sbuild6 has the web interface and mxtest machine was the meil exchanger all went well with testing.  We have moved the installation to production machines (mx1 and mx2 are the mail exchangers and a virtual host named mailman handles the web interface.  Things seem to be working ok except when I look at the mailq I see hundreds of attempts to send to mailman at sbuild6 ... The couple of test lists I have are working
>but how can I fix the mailq issue?  Here is an example  from the mailq from the prod mail exchangers.
>177FC194C      2130 Sun Jun 22 19:05:16  mailman-bounces at nersc.gov
>(delivery temporarily suspended: connect to sbuild6.nersc.gov[]: Co nnection timed out)
>                                         mailman-owner at sbuild6.nersc.gov

It appears that a message with envelope from mailman-bounces at nersc.gov
is being sent to mailman-owner at sbuild6.nersc.gov.

Check the host_name attribute of the mailman list.

>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mx2.nersc.gov'
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'mailman.nersc.gov'

This doesn't seem right. First, if these aren't the DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST
and DEFAULT_URL_HOST values from Defaults.py, it is good to put


ahead of the first add_virtualhost in mm_cfg.py to remove the
irrelevant entry from Defaults.py, but that isn't what I'm focusing on.

Do you really want DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and the email host value in the
add_virtualhost to be 'mx2.nersc.gov'. What you want there is the
domain that list mail should be addressed to, not the MX for that

Perhaps you do understand this and what you have is correct, but it is

In any case, I suspect at least some of your lists have the wrong
host_name and maybe there are web_page_url issues too. See

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