[Mailman-Users] Mailman stopped sending mail today and stoppedarchiving a month ago

Dan Mashal dmashal at intertrust.com
Tue Jun 24 23:34:51 CEST 2008

Further update on this, I forgot to allow when I made a
postfix configuration file change.

The archiving stopped working when we migrated to a new mailman server.
Do you have an idea how I can turn archiving back on for all lists?


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We are using Feodra 8 with Mailman installed by Yum.


Just today we noticed that Mailman stopped archiving mail a month ago
(May 17th) and now Mailman is not even sending mail at all. 


Earlier today I tried making some changes to the postfix config (to open
relay to some other hosts) and noticed I could not restart postfix. It
seems that when Yum did its update to the kernel it turned on SElinux. I
could not even restart the postfix service.


I turned off SeLinux in the grub config and rebooted the server and now
I can restart postfix. 


However mailman is not sending mail anymore and the archives stopped
about a month ago. Could you please give some insight as to why this
might have happened?




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