[Mailman-Users] 2008 Pizzigati Prize

Jon Hind wjonhind at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 13:29:16 CET 2008

I run mailman on one (hosted) server as a family mailing list.
It has brought our family closer together, enables my mother (the grandma)
to speak straght to her children and grandchildren, made a meetup happen in
Turkey between for cousins and most of all revealed that one of my sisters
like dirty jokes.

Many congratulations.

jon Hind.

On 06/03/2008, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at media-brokers.com> wrote:
> On 3/6/2008, Eric Gearhart (egearhart at dakotacom.net) wrote:
> > I'd just like to drop a note to thank you for Mailman. The project has
> > helped me immensely in many ways, the biggest being simplifying log
> > files and who gets notified when something goes down (do you can about
> > knowing if SMTP is down? Don't add your email address to the config
> > file, subscribe to the "logs" mailing list!)
> Interesting... what is this 'logs' list? Is it some kind of internal
> mailman list? I don't see it in my 'lists' data directory...
> --
> Best regards,
> Charles
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