[Mailman-Users] Server Overload Issues

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Sun Mar 9 02:10:53 CET 2008

> As far as the host that had the 50 messages per hour limit, when
> challenged they revised this to 500 per hour.  Unfortunately, I do
> not consider this a solution.  I have a total of 13 lists at that
> host which vary from 5 to 407 members.  Although all of these lists
> are low volume lists, this limit still prevents even two messages per
> hour from my largest list, and if several of them were active at one
> time I will encounter the limit with what I consider minimal
> activity.  This is clearly an issue I need to pursue with the ISP.
> The offering looks great Brian except for the fact that it would be
> 10X - 20X more expensive than what I current pay.  I guess you are
> telling me that I am getting what I am paying for.  That may be the
> case but is certainly not what I bargained for when I recently moved
> four domains thinking I was making a positive move.

I am not sure what you are paying but had you contacted me off list then I
am sure we could have worked something out. If you are serious about your
lists then contact off list.

With that said, I would say you are getting what you paid for. If you want
to stay with a web host that will not allow you to make full use of your
mailing lists just to save a few dollars a month then that is your choice.
The amount we charge is a fair price and it allows us not to have to
overload our servers to the point that we are force to take unfair measures
such as throttling our smtp servers.

> The limited response to my posting either suggests that you said it
> all, or at least that I am in the minority with this problem.  Since
> you and Mark suggest it is not a chronic Mailman problem, I'll not
> waste anymore bandwidth here.

You are not having a mailman problem at all. You are having a cheap hosting
solution problem and I am not sure how we can help you with that except
point you to a some better choices.

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