[Mailman-Users] Archive without attachments?

Francesco Peeters francesco at fampeeters.com
Tue Mar 11 08:15:19 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Francesco Peeters wrote:
>> I just rebuilt one of my lists' archive as ArchRunner was stuck and
>> didn't archive messages again (apparently since Jan 19th! <G>)
>> After running arch --wipe, I restarted ArchRunner, which is now working
>> to catch up... (14000 messages to go!)
> I'm confused. I don't know why you ran bin/arch --wipe, and do you
> really have over 14000 new messages since Jan 19th?
ArchRunner was stuck and didn't process mail anymore, and apparently has
not been since Jan 19th.
Running arch --wipe and then restarting ArchRunner "unstuck" it, and now
it is catching up... (12600 to go atm)
And yes, really 14k new messages!
(It is a list I run for my wife, and there are 20+ women (and 2 men,
including me, as list admin) chatting there on topics like
machine-embroidery, doll-clothing, etc.! Does that say enough?...)
>> The lists allows attachments, but I really do not need those archived...
>> Is there a way to make the Archiver qrunner archive the emails *without*
>> the attachments? (It seems to me that that would also speed up the
>> process, but that is just a gut feeling!)
> No. There is really no way to not archive attachments that are allowed
> on the list. If you set scrub_nondigest = Yes, the attachments will be
> stored in the archive as the incoming message is processed and only
> links will be in the delivered messages and the messages in the
> archive queue, but it's too late for that in this case.
Hmmmm... Maybe I need to brush up my python skills then...  <G>
>> I tried Googling, but it comes up with a gazillion sites whose archives
>> have been scanned by Google, so there is virtually no way to sensibly
>> search for mailman related issues on Google...
> Sure there is. Just put site:mail.python.org and inurl:mailman (or
> mailman-users) in addition to your other search criteria. Also see
> <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq01.018.htp>.
I didn't think about searching for list content specifically! *smacks
Thx for that!
Francesco Peeters

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