[Mailman-Users] Archive without attachments?

Francesco Peeters francesco at fampeeters.com
Tue Mar 11 15:15:45 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> However, I was not questioning why Francesco used the --wipe option. I
>> was questioning why he felt it was necessary to run bin/arch at all as
>> opposed to just restarting ArchRunner.
> Further note. I'm not saying that it might not have been necessary to
> rebuild the archive. It may have been if the problem was a corrupt
> archive database. I'm just saying that in general in a case like this,
> one should look at Mailman's error log for clues as to what the
> problem is and not just blindly rebuild the archive.
Restarting the ArchRunner did not make a difference, and the logs didn't
give any clues. Having tried several other steps, I finally resorted to
rebuilding the archive. Especially as I had a powerfailure somewhere mid
January, I assumed it was likely the database, despite not seeing
anything in logs.
Rebuilding the archive for that list resolved the stuck status of the
ArchRunner, so I guess my assumption was correct, or at least close
enough...  ;-)

Anyway, it now has 161 message left to archive, so I hope to return to
normal CPU levels soon...  ;-)

Francesco Peeters

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