[Mailman-Users] Separated structure and text templates

Johan Stuyts j.stuyts at zybber.nl
Thu Mar 13 14:41:20 CET 2008


Like many others I wanted to customize the Mailman pages to match the look  
and feel of my site. Unfortunately each language-specific template has a  
copy of the HTML structure. Because this is difficult to work with I  
decided to separate the structure from the language-specifc texts. I now  
have a simple project that allows me to build the language-specific  
templates from language-independent master templates and language files. I  
thought this might be of use to other people, so you can download the  
project here. You will need Java and Ant to use it:

The templates in the project are based on the templates included in  
Mailman 2.1.9-7 of Debian Etch. The texts in the language files are not  
exact copies of the original templates; I have changed a few characters  
here and there. The project should get you started quickly with  
customization for your site.

After building the templates with 'ant generate', I simply copy them over  
the existing ones.

Please note that this project will NOT allow you to fully customize the  
look and feel of Mailman. It only allows you to separate the HTML from the  
language-specific texts for the user-customizable HTML templates delivered  
with Mailman. If you want to make a structural change you only have to do  
it once instead of for each language when you use this project.

Here are some example pages showing the result of my customization:

Kind regards,

Johan Stuyts
Senior software engineer
Zybber (Dutch COC number: 37137349)

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