[Mailman-Users] What is really required to go from 2.0.x to 2.1.y?

Christopher Waltham cwaltham at bowdoin.edu
Fri Mar 14 19:38:25 CET 2008

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>>The problem is when I run "bin/list_members" on a list of whose membership I know well. >>Amazingly, when I run that command, I see list members from around 2-3 years ago; I do not see >>list members whom I absolutely know are on that list. And then, well, I get so confused I can >>hardly stand. :)

>I don't know, but I have a good guess. 2-3 years ago, someone tried to
>migrate to Mailman 2.1.x and then reversed, but this process left
>config.pck files (converted from the 2.0.x config.db files) in some or
>all of the lists/<listname>/ directories.

Running this: ( cd lists ; find . -name config.pck ) finds lots of results -- I have a lot of lists, but I bet there's one for each list. :-( As you go on to explain, there were lots of config.pck.last files, too.

>The current list upgrade process is finding those old config.pck files
>and using them in preference to the actually more current config.db

I had hoped (feared?) the process was doing something like what you outline, but at least I now know what it is!

>>Start with your good 2.0.12 installation and remove any config.pck and
>>config.pck.last files from the lists/listname/ directories and then
>>follow your upgrade procedure.


>>Then when you are satisfied with the results, remove the old config.db
>>and config.db.last files from the new installation so that they can't
>>be used as fallbacks 2 years from now.

In the process of doing this now.

>>A possibly viable alternative is to look at your 2.1.9 installation and
>>just remove the config.pck and config.pck.last files from any
>>lists/listname/ directory that has a config.db. Mailman will then
>>convert the config.db the first time the list is accessed, and if you
>>like that, you can then just remove the old config.db* files.

Just out of interest, what defines "access"? Is this something I can accomplish from the command-line myself, or does it require the mailman wrapper command being called from the aliases file?

Thanks again, Mark,


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