[Mailman-Users] fetchmail with gmail to mailman

billc billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Mon Mar 17 18:59:48 CET 2008

Hi all,

I was hoping to not have to ask this, but I'm stumped.

I'm setting up fetchmail to pull mail from a Gmail  account (taking 
advantage of their spam filtering) and dump it into mailman.  That 
way I can avoid opening up Postfix as a POP, and just use it for the 
SMTP out portion (which appears to be working fine).

In fetchmailrc I have:

poll <http://pop.gmail.com>pop.gmail.com with protocol POP3 port 995 
"<mailto:testlist at austinzencenter.com>testlist at austinzencenter.com" 
there with password "xxxxxxxx" is "mailman" here and options ssl 
sslcertck  sslcertpath  /usr/local/certs mda "/usr/local/mailman post 
testlist" set daemon 60

Let me know if I should be asking this on a fetchmail list instead, 
but I think the part where i'm stuck is with the

	mda "/usr/local/mailman post testlist"

When I run this manually instead of as a daemon, it appears to be 
looking for the mailman app, not the folder.  Where should I be 
pointing that?  This is a standard 2.1.9 install from source code 
into /usr/local/mailman.

And as long as I'm asking, do I really need the "sslcertck 
sslcertpath  /usr/local/certs" part in there?  The post I based my 
poll on at 
didn't have that, but other instructions I found elsewhere relating 
specifically to Gmail did, so I figured I'd be safe and include it.

Thanks for
Bill Christensen

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