[Mailman-Users] Digests not going out and lots of errors in/var/log/cron

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 19 01:30:04 CET 2008

Troy D. Knabe wrote:

>My digest messages are not going out, and I am seeing these messages in
>/var/log/cron every 5 minutes.
>Do I need a home directory for my mailman user?

crond is not able to run any of the commands in mailman's crontab. The
fact that you are seeing these log messages every 5 minutes indicates
it is reading your mailman crontab and trying to run gate_news so you
migh be able to make it work by putting


in the initial lines of the crontab, but normally, this is set as
mailman's home directory.

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