[Mailman-Users] problem whit umbrella list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 19 15:00:08 CET 2008

Roberto Gherardi wrote:
>My configuration umbrella list seems correct. In the file vette peaks the
>following error:
>Mar 18 14:27:45 2008 (14107) Cral-sicilia post from
>cral-nazionale at nli.inail.it held, message-id=<
>C35414A4474D5E45BECB8E1E5D42A6790B5B6E57 at ILMB02V1.inailrupa.inail.pri>:
>Message has implicit destination

It means that a post to the umbrella list cral-nazionale was delivered
to the Cral-sicilia list, but since the Cral-sicilia was not an
explicit addressee of the post, it was held for moderation.

You need to go to the admin Privacy options...->Recipient filters page
of the Cral-sicilia list and do one of the following:

Set require_explicit_destination to No


add cral-nazionale at nli.inail.it to acceptable_aliases

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