[Mailman-Users] Curious about email confirmations for list owners...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 28 01:11:51 CET 2008

Glenn Sieb 
>Thanks, Mark. I'm using Tbird (mac) and it doesn't seem to work 
>like that.

I just tried it on Mac OS X 10.5 with Tbird and then after
upgrade, with (with enigmail), and it worked fine in both.

It also works for me with Tbird (with enigmail) on Windows XP.

I also tried MS-Outlook Express 6 on Windows, but when I try to open
the attached confirmation message part, it opens with the default
application for .eml files which on my machine is Tbird, so it doesn't
really work because Tbird is opening the message part from a file (see

>I can open it, but when I hit "Reply" (or "Reply to all") the To: is 
>blank and the Subject: is either blank or it says "Re: " and that's it.

Is the message body in the composition window also blank? If so, it
sounds like the following:

One problem I know for sure with Tbird, is the message has to be in a
mailbox. If a message with attachments is in a stand-alone file (.eml
file or ??), you can open that with Tbird, but then Tbird doesn't
handle the attachments properly.

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