[Mailman-Users] Integrating mailman with Sendmail

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu May 1 17:43:23 CEST 2008

Brad Knowles wrote:

>Neither sudo nor a plain "su" need to have a shell for the 
>user.  All you're changing is your effective UID (EUID), but the 
>rest of your environment comes from your real UID that you used to log in with.
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Hmm... maybe on some flavors of *nix, but on my server, if there is 
no shell set for a user, you can't sudo or su to that user ID. At 
least not while I am logged in under my account.

I just tried it to confirm, I also tried it while running as root 
with the same result "This account is currently not available."

I'm running an RHEL 5 box.

As I stated in my earlier reply, I do have my account set up as part 
of the mailman group. I can run mailman scripts with no problem 
without having to sudo to anything else.


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