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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon May 5 07:17:52 CEST 2008

billc wrote:
>1) I'm running virtual hosts w/apache.   On the mailman/listinfo 
>pages, the address mailman at domain2.com is given, though the server 
>(and the only mailman@ address that has been set up so far) is 
>@mydomain.com.  Do I need to set up mailman@ addresses for all the 
>other domains that have lists?  Can I forward them to 
>mailman at mydomain.com, and would that require that I then set up the 
>mailman list to also accept mail for mailman at domain2.com, 
>mailman at domain3.com, etc?  Is there a better way?

First, in 'standard' Mailman 2.1.x there can be only one site (mailman)
list because list names have to be unique regardless of domain.

In a mailman virtual hosting environment, the listinfo and admin
overview pages give the address of the site list with a domain equal
the the email host that corresponds to the host name in the url that
invoked the page. So, yes, mail to the mailman list at any of your
virtual domains should be deliverable. How you actually do this
depends on your MTA and where you want that mail to go. In general,
you don't need to worry about the various -request, -confirm, etc.
addresses in the virtual domains; only the 'mailman' address itself.
Whether you choose to direct it to your mailman list or to an
individual or group, or a different individual or group or list per
domain is up to you.

>2) Are both listname-join and listname-subscribe needed?  Is there a 
>way I can alias one to the other and cut down on the number of 
>addresses required?  If not, can this be something to work into the 
>wishlist?  It seems mighty redundant, and it's annoying when you're 
>setting up a bunch of lists.   Similar with listname-leave and 

You don't have to have both -join and -subscribe or really either one
if you don't want to (likewise -leave and -unsubscribe). The two names
are basically synonyms. If you don't want your MTA to know about
-join, then just don't tell it. The only problem is if some potential
subscriber "knows" that Mailman lists have a -join address and tries
to use it, and it doesn't work.

As far as Mailman is concerned the only addresses that have to work are
the -owner address because mailman sends some owner notices to that
address and the -bounces address if you're doing automated bounce
processing. It's also nice if the -confirm address works because
replies to confirmations may go there. Replies to confirmations may
also go to -request depending on various settings. -admin is a
deprecated synonym for -bounces and is definitely not needed, and
-join, -subscribe, -leave and -unsubscribe are not needed if you want
to force everyone to use the web interface.

Of course, Postfix can be integrated with Mailman so aliases are
maintained automatically, and Exim can be set up to interface
programmatically without aliases, and sendmail aliases can be
automated as discussed at
although this FAQ doesn't discuss virtual maps, but they too can be

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