[Mailman-Users] List of owners and subscribers

Melinda Gilmore gilmore.126 at osu.edu
Mon May 5 18:54:54 CEST 2008

Has anyone out there put together and scripts that might extract out owners
and subscribers to a list.  Where you could see all the list and all their
subscribers in one place.    We have a group of list here that not everyone
is on, but they are closely related to the lists, and someone had put
together just an excel spreadsheet with links to see who was on the list.
This is a very cumbersome process.  The need for this type of a list is used
several ways, as in if a user is on one list they may not be put on a new
list so they look at this list.   Some users need to look up a person to see
if they will receive the information.  Just somehting that user have gotten
used to.  When I switch them over to new  mailman I do not want to have to
put something like this together,  Was wondering if there is something close
I can give them in replacement.  Hope this  makes sense.   

Melinda Gilmore
Systems Engineer
The Ohio State University
Enterprise Messaging/OIT

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