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Fri May 9 07:46:08 CEST 2008

Hallo Barry,

Op donderdag 08 mei 2008 schreef Barry Finkel aan Mailman-Users at python.org:

 >> When I send a message to duinheks-test-subscribe, the request
 >> does not arrive in mailman, but produces the following in the
 >> error log:
 >> May 08 21:47:51 2008 (3636) SHUNTING:
 >> 1210276071.4968121+a7b07b7c3e9162f8487f34b404c47109de1dd745

 BF> A search of the list archives shows that this is a 2.1.10 bug
 BF> for which Mark Sapiro has released a patch.

I *thought* I had read something about it, but coud not find
it anymore. Maybe because it was the end of a log hot day :)
It is working now.
Thank you very much!



jdh punt beekhuizen bij duinheks punt nl

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 * Origin: The Wizard is using MBSE/Linux (2:280/1018)

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