[Mailman-Users] Programmatic Subscription

Bill Honneus (honneus) honneus at cisco.com
Fri May 9 20:35:59 CEST 2008

When a user subscribes or unsubscribes from a mailing list, they are
sent an email confirmation and must click a link on the web interface or
reply to the email to confirm their subscription/removal. One of our
engineers is creating a portlet on a web application, and what he wants
to do is allow  the user to be immediately subscribed as soon as they
click a link.  Is there a way to configure Mailman so that a user is
immediately subscribed or removed without the confirmation process?
Alternatively, if we were to write some custom code on our application,
could we simply call the subscribe cgi script, and then send the
confirmation request from the application without asking the user for
further input? 
Please let me know if this is a sound approach.

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