[Mailman-Users] supress acknowledgment of subscription request?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed May 14 05:35:29 CEST 2008

billc wrote:
>Is it possible to supress acknowledgement of subscription requests on 
>a specific list?

If you subscribe users through the admin Mass Subscribe interface, set
"Send welcome messages to new subscribees?" to No.

If you subscribe them with bin/add_members, use the --welcome-msg=n (or
-w n) option.

Both these methods will default to no welcome message if you set
send_welcome_msg to No on the General Options page.

> From what I can see there's no button or checkbox to turn the return 
>email off.  Is there a simple way to do so for just one list?  Is it 
>possible to set it up such that any email to this one list address - 
>which is fairly long and obscure and has never and will never be 
>published anywhere - will get fully subscribed without confirmation 
>or approval?

If you are talking about subscribing people by email as opposed to via
the admin or command line interfaces, you have to set send_welcome_msg
to No as above, and you also have to set


in mm_cfg.py, and then you can set subscribe_policy for the list to
None to allow subscribe without confirmation, but it is much better
IMO to use the admin or command line interface.

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