[Mailman-Users] Relay access denied: mailman & postfix

Kai Behncke Kai-Behncke at gmx.de
Fri May 16 22:34:35 CEST 2008

Dear users,

I try to get to run mailman & postfix now on a private server.
With mailman everything seems  to be ok, well at least I don`t get any error messages after bin/check_perms -f
and can`t see any errors in /usr/local/mailman/logs/*

again I can create list and subscribe to them. But if I sent a mail to the new list nothing is delivered.

In my postfix-logs I find the following error:

May 16 22:15:48 h1228898 postfix/smtp[4731]: 5131D1C041D4: to=<Kai-Behncke at gmx.de>, relay=mx0.gmx.de[]:25, delay=0.2, delays=0.01/0/0.06/0.13, dsn=2.6.0, status=sent (250 2.6.0 Message accepted {mx075})
May 16 22:15:48 h1228898 postfix/qmgr[4649]: 5131D1C041D4: removed
May 16 22:16:10 h1228898 postfix/smtpd[4670]: connect from mail.gmx.net[]
May 16 22:16:10 h1228898 postfix/smtpd[4670]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mail.gmx.net[]: 554 5.7.1 <big_test at geoplp.de>: Relay access denied; from=<Kai-Behncke at gmx.de> to=<big_test at geoplp.de> proto=SMTP helo=<mail.gmx.net>
May 16 22:16:10 h1228898 postfix/smtpd[4670]: disconnect from mail.gmx.net[]

Does anybody know what this could mean?

Thank you again, Kai
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