[Mailman-Users] Inline Attachments on mailman messages

Bill Honneus (honneus) honneus at cisco.com
Mon May 19 20:59:50 CEST 2008

Thanks, Mark.  The non-digest options on the admistrative page for my
list clearly showed the content that was being added to the footer.  I
modified it to suit my needs.

Thanks again for the help!


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Bill Honneus wrote:
>My installation of Mailman is attaching the following html message on 
>all the messages generated by my 'Test' mailing list.
>-----Inline Attachment Follows-----
>Test mailing list
>Test at my.domain.com <mailto:Test at my.domain.com> 
>I don't mind the attachment going out, but I do not want the http link 
>included in the body of the attachment.  Is there a way to disable the 
>inclusion of the http link in the attachment?  If not, then my next 
>choice would be to disable the attachment alltogether.

The 'attachment' is the list's msg_footer. See
for more on why it's an attachment.

I'm not clear on how much of the above is actually in the footer, and
how much is 'helpfully' added by your MUA, but you have complete control
over the original contents of the footer on the list's Non-digest
options page. Note that if this is the default footer, the actual footer
is just

Test mailing list
Test at my.domain.com

and the <mailto:Test at my.domain.com> and
<http://my-hostname.domain.com/mailman/listinfo/test> are added by your
MUA when you view the message.

Also note that the footer is attached as a text/plain message part, so
any rendering of email addresses and URLs as 'clickable' links is also
done by your MUA.

View the raw message source to see what Mailman is actually sending.

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