[Mailman-Users] GNU Mailmain 2.1.9: Filtering Messages based on words in the body of an email?

Steve soapy3 at gmail.com
Tue May 20 21:05:56 CEST 2008


My apologies if this message is redundant.  I looked through the
archives a few different search strings.  While I found some related
material most of it seemed to be from a long time ago.

I'm admiring a GNU Mailman email list that is running on version 2.1.9
on a server that I do not have access too.

Is it possible through the use of the admin interface to filter out
messages based on key words in the body of an email?

I have some banned ex-subscribers who periodically resubscribe under
new email addresses to post URLs to rant pages about my list.    I
would rather not moderate all new incoming subscribers.   I don't want
to slow legitimate users down.  The trolls often bury the URLs at the
end of long messages making it easy to miss.

I would prefer not to use procmail or software other than GNU Mailman.
 As I wrote the list is made available to me freely on a server that I
do not have access to.  I don't want to bother my admin more than I
have to.

Is it possible to set up GNU Mailman 2.1.9 to filter on URLs or other
keywords in the body of an email?

If this issue has been covered for this version of Mailman please feel
free to RTFM me to the appropriate docs and I will read them.


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