[Mailman-Users] Problem with 2.1.9 acceptable_aliases

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Wed May 21 20:10:49 CEST 2008

Barry Finkel wrote:
>> There was a posting to a number of lists here yesterday 
>>      To: comp_info+cats+noc at example.com
>> all of the lists are linked; some of the lists are subscribed to others.
>> I took that address and added it to
>>      acceptable_aliases

And Mark Sapiro replied:

>What did you add to acceptable_aliases? And for which list(s)?
>A post addressed to comp_info+cats+noc at example.com will presumably be 
>delivered to the comp_info list. In order for it not to be held by that 
>list, you need either
>comp_info+cats+noc at example.com
>or a regexp like
>in the acceptable_aliases of the comp_info list. Then if other lists are 
>members of the comp_info list, you need the same thing in 
>acceptabale_aliases of those other lists to prevent the post from being 
>held there.

For each of the five lists for which there was a posting held for
moderation I entered

     comp_info+cats+noc at example.com

in the acceptable_aliases box on the admin web page via cut-and-paste.

The mailling list that, I assume, is part of the distribution list for
this comp_info_cats+noc list is

     out at example.com

That address is an accceptable_alias for the Mailman list

     out at lists.example.com

and to that list is subscribed

     itad at example.com
     opstr at lists.example.com

In addition

     itad at example.com

is an accceptable_alias for the Mailman list

     itad at lists.example.com

and to that itad list is subscribed three other Mailman lists:

     ad at lists.anl.gov
     cs at lists.anl.gov
     us at lists.anl.gov

For each of these six lists (out, itad, opstr, ad, cs, us) I had added

     comp_info+cats+noc at example.com

to accceptable_aliases.

The only thing "strange" about the string I added to acceptable_aliases
is the two "+" characters.  I did not know if the plus characters were
causing problems.
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