[Mailman-Users] high memory usage and long running time for mailman Python process

Terrence Brannon metaperl at gmail.com
Sat May 24 02:36:47 CEST 2008

Hello, I am running Debian/etch and the user "list" has a Python process 
which takes up 83.2% of my memory and has been running for more than 40 

My suspicion is that some sort of queue of moderator messages is very 

In fact, /var/lib/mailman/ is very large... I cannot access the 
administrator interface via the web:

6733    ./qfiles
21551   ./messages
60071   ./lists/asciidoc-discuss
60093   ./lists
288500  ./data
380881  .

In looking through archives, I discovered I have more than 60,000 held 
messages for one mailing list:

schemelab at li2-168:/var/lib/mailman/data$ ls -l | wc -l

but for some reason attempting to discard even one is not working... it 
just sits there and hangs:

schemelab at li2-168:/var/lib/mailman/data$ sudo ../bin/discard 

(no return to shell after 5 minutes)

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