[Mailman-Users] selective mime 'scrubbing' (WITHOUT filtering)

andReadG andReadG at otenet.gr
Sun May 25 17:23:11 CEST 2008

hi all (again)

my initial question was:

"custom mime precedence?"

I was asking if I can let the text/html part of a
multipart(/alternative) message pass through when
when preceded by the text/plain part AND
followed by something like an application/pdf
part, but keep the pdf in the server
(not filtered-out; kept in the archive for
http download)

The (1st) answer I got seems I was misunderstood
(but thanks anyway Terri). I was advised to
see the 'pass_mime_types' variable (to include


I have the 'scrub_nondigest' set to true, so
(simple) filtering is of no help (nor desired;
I don't want the pdf (or any base64 part) phased
out, I just want it stay in the archive area
with a link leading to it in the delivered

My first impression is that this cannot be
done, at least with the 2.1.6 version I use.
Is this true? Can this be solved If I upgrade
the version?

Again, any suggestion will be of great help!
(as always!)


here is the initial question:

 > This is the situation: attachments are stripped
 > (which is as I intended), but many messages
 > come in as multipart, with 1st part as text/plain
 > and second one as text/html. The senders, intended
 > to send the 2nd one (formatted to draw attention
 > in specific parts), but, being treated as
 > attachment, stays at the server.
 > Is there a way around? I mean extract and keep
 > all non-text attachments for http download,
 > but exclude text/html and let it through along
 > with the plain text, or be preferred over it?

and the 1st answer:

 >> What does your pass_mime_types look like for this list?
 >> If you tell it to let text/html through, as well as
 >> text/plain, people will get the double messages the way they
 >> were sent, but most mail clients handle that gracefully the
 >> way the sender intended.
 >> You want something that looks like this:
 >> multipart/mixed
 >> multipart/alternative
 >> text/plain
 >> text/html
 >> multipart/signed

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