[Mailman-Users] why do i keep getting awaiting approval messages ?

Anant Maringanti am72subs at gmail.com
Wed May 28 03:02:38 CEST 2008

>You have told us much, but you have not told us why the "message
>awaiting approval" was issued.  In that mail there should be a reason
>why the mail was sent to the list moderator(s) for approval, such as

  >  a) posting by a non-member to a member-only list
  > b) "implicit destination"
  >c) too many recipients
  > d) and others

Hi Barry, thanks for responding. The message said: "posting from a
member to a moderated group."
As it turned out, I had left the newsgroup options unchanged because I
assumed that it doesnt matter because I dont have a newsgroup
associated with this list. But apparently, as the newsgroup was
checked to be a moderated group, even if there is none associated with
this list, it will behave as if the list itself is moderated.
I just changed that and tried a test post. Everything is fine for now.
Thanks again

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