[Mailman-Users] Digest always in MIME

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 6 02:17:03 CET 2008

Matthieu HUTIN wrote:
>What I still don't explain is that it looks like the Admin interface was
>displaying good setting, but the "real" file where is stored the information
>was not updated correctly (until it worked by magic !..)

If you have GNU Mailman installed from source or from someones package
withou major modifications, the list configuration, membership, member
options, etc. are all in the lists/listname/config.pck file. The web
admin interface reads them from there and updates them there and the
process that produces the digests gets the settings from the same

Even if you have a custom MemberAdaptor that uses some other persistent
store for member options, buth the production of digests and the
display in the admin interface should be seeing the same setting.

>Do you kow where the plain text option is stored to check it if it happens
>again in the future ?

Assuming it's the standard MemberAdaptor, you can do

 bin/dumpdb lists/listname/config.pck

In the output from that, there will be a user_options dictionary with
keys of list member addresses and numeric values. These are decimal
numbers which when viewed as binary have bits for various user options
as defined in the "Bitfield for user options." section of Defaults.py.
The bit for "plain" digests has weight = 8 in the decimal user_options

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