[Mailman-Users] Is your mail getting there?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Nov 9 08:21:23 CET 2008

Andrew Field > ZOL wrote:

> This may seem a little bit strange a question.  How do you know if your mail
> sent through Mailman is getting to all members of your particular list.

If you check your logs, that will tell you what has made it off your 
machine and has been accepted by the remote systems.  Beyond that, you 
can't be sure that any of those recipients have actually seen the 
message in question.  The only way you can be sure is if they respond to 
the message.

>                                                                           I
> suspect the problem might lay with the anti-spamming rules of the server on
> which I operate - they only allow so many messages to be sent through a mail
> box each hour.  What I don't know is how Mailman reacts to this, does it
> process according to the server's anti spam rules or does it just roll over
> and die, not completing the task?

It depends on how they implement their restrictions.  If they issue 5xx 
permanent errors, then Mailman will consider those recipients to have 
bounced.  If they issue 4xx temporary errors, then Mailman will retry 
those messages at a later time.

But if you're already running into limits being placed on you by your 
service provider, you're already in a pretty bad place.  I would 
encourage you to find another provider who does not place such limits on 
you, or who works with you to ensure that everything works the way it 

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