[Mailman-Users] All messages discarded, no reason

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Nov 9 15:57:52 CET 2008

Milos Prudek wrote:
>This advice seems to be wrong. I set MTA=None in mm_cfg.py and no lines to 
>copy to /etc/aliases were printed.

The aliases are only printed for the default MTA = 'Manual' setting.

>This advice conflicts directly with advice in "postfix-to-mailman.py": "Does 
>not require the creation of _any_ aliases to connect lists to your mail 
>Who is right, the "4.78. Troubleshooting" or "postfix-to-mailman.py"?

postfix-to-mailman.py is a 3rd party module not distributed or
supported by the GNU Mailman project. Our FAQ mostly assumes a default
install from our source distribution.

If you use 3rd party modules/packages/installation instructions, you
have to accept that some of our support resources won't be directly

Also, it appears that you may not be a member of this
(mailman-users at python.org) list as all your list posts appear to be
held for approval. If you're asking for help from a list, I think it's
a good idea to actually join the list.

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