[Mailman-Users] All messages discarded, no reason

Milos Prudek prudek at bvx.cz
Mon Nov 10 11:18:41 CET 2008

> You can get more information, but I think you'll see that this
> 'discarded' message is just a relay of the outbound message back to
> the list.

Right. I edited the source and indeed it was the outbound message incorrectly 
sent back to the list.

> However, in thinking about this, I have another idea. You send a

This fixed the problem. Once I set OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION = Yes and 
set the list for Full Personalization, all emails were correctly delivered.

> You could also test further by just using the Postfix 'sendmail'
> command to send a message to userb at ... which has a To: header of

I tried this with usera and userb (not in the z.docestiny.cz domain) and the 
mail was correctly delivered according to the envelope, not according to the 
To: header.

> usera at ... (not in the z.docestiny.cz domain) and see if that is
> properly delivered to userb and not usera. If not, it's probably not
> postfix-to-mailman.py related, but if that is properly delivered, try
> a To: t at z.docestiny.cz header in the message.

Using the sendmail command? OK I did. I put To: t at z.docestiny.cz header in the 
message and prudek at bvx.cz in the envelope. Again, the mail was sent to the 
envelope recipient.

SUMMARY: With your advice (set the list for Full Personalization) my problem 
is completely solved. The performance penalty associated with Full 
Personalization is completely negligible for my purpose. Thank you very much, 

I will be happy to investigate this further if you want me to or if it would 
help mailman development team in any way.

Milos Prudek

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