[Mailman-Users] Mailman not delivering mail to recipients

Jewel jewel.brueggeman-makda at washburn.edu
Wed Nov 12 15:21:49 CET 2008

I have looked but nothing is matching my scenario.  I see nothing in my 
maillog that helps shed any clue.  I did notice there are several .pck 
files in my qfiles/out directory.  I was able to send mail before while 
testing the machine.  The only thing I changed was I migrated all the 
lists and archives over, changed the IP and hostname since it's 
replacing an older machine. 

Brad Knowles wrote:
> Jewel wrote:
>> When I send a message to a list it will successfully post to the 
>> archives but not to the recipients.  I can't find anything in any 
>> error logs and postfix is saying it successfully sent.  I am trying 
>> to look at the archives for any insight.  Any ideas would help.
> Did you search the FAQ Wiki for "troubleshooting"?  There's several 
> steps listed there.

Jewel Makda
Student Computer Services Coordinator

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