[Mailman-Users] VirtualDirectories and /var/www setup

Scott Race scott at jda-networks.com
Wed Nov 12 18:13:23 CET 2008


Using RHLE 4 with Apache and Mailman on multiple domains on the same
server.  The two domains I've setup are working fine.  The documentation
on the Mailman site does not go into detail on how to setup Apache for
Mailman, so I wanted to make sure I have setup my installation


I inherited this setup, and it all seems to work, though I'm not quite
sure how.  I have VirtualDirectory directives in myhttpd.conf file for
each mailman domain, though there's no /mailman directory there.  As I
look, seemes the cgi-bin directory in /usr/lib/mailman takes care of

How does Apache know to route domain traffic to
www.mydomain.com/mailman/create to the appropriate place? I'm mostly
wondering this for a third domain setup, will I need a VirtualDirectory
for the site, even if there's nothing in the root of the site?  I'm
guessing I will, but just wanted to verify the setup.   


Also wondering if domains on my server that are not hosting mailmain
sites will also by default have /mailman/create directories, since it
seems like it's applying it to all domains.







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