[Mailman-Users] List owner and email

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Tue Nov 11 22:20:17 CET 2008

On 11/10/08 07:56, Patricia A Moss wrote:
> I have an email issue and am not sure of what the real problem may 
> be.  My company was recently acquired and our email addresses have 
> changed. The hostname(s) for our serves have not yet changed.

I would suggest that you make sure email from the system its self is 
functioning before trying to diagnose Mailman specific issues.  (Unless 
problems are not presenting from any thing other than Mailman.)

Can you type the following command and get the email where you would 
expect to?

    echo "This is a test..." | mail -s "Test email..." user at somewhere.tld

If it does work, what email address does the message come from?

> My mailman-bounces and mailman-owner emails are now queuing up 
> without being sent.  I think that it is due to the email address 
> associated with the list(s) on my mailman server, but I am not sure. 
> Or is it the fact that the email addresses have changed but not yet 
> the hostnames?  Can someone help me sort this out?

Are /all/ mailman-bounces and mailman-owner emails being queued or just 
part of them?  Knowing that will help determine if it is a problem with 
filtering (call backs verifying sending email addresses).

Also, are you using SPF or Domain-Keys?  If they are set up for the old 
names and you are now using new names which don't take your mail list 
server in to account, things will likely break in some weird way.  In 
fact, you could even be publishing records that you are your self 
breaking by sending email from an unauthorized system under the new 
(other companies) name.

> I am running mailman version 2.1.5 on RedHat 4.0

What are you running as your email server?

> Thank you,

Hopefully I've at least given you some directions to look in.

Grant. . . .

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