[Mailman-Users] Tracking a message that dissappeared

Petersen, Kirsten J - NET Kirsten.Petersen at oregonstate.edu
Thu Nov 13 17:31:26 CET 2008

I'm looking for some help finding out why a message was not delivered to
one of our lists.  

We're running Mailman 2.1.10 on Debian.

I tracked the message from our postfix relays to the Mailman server,
where I see the following in the smtp log:

smtp.1:Nov 12 17:27:08 2008 (6917)
<mailman.50515.1226539627.6914.outages at lists.oregonstate.edu> smtp to
outages for 1 recips, completed in 0.037 seconds

There are no other log entries for that message - nothing in vette or
error.  But the message never came to the list.  There were no pending
moderation requests, it's not in the list archive and obviously the
subscribers didn't receive it.

Another message was sent to the list a few minutes later, and delivered

smtp.1:Nov 12 17:39:06 2008 (6917)
<7B4268E5ACB878429B58D4BE5B780E8301BA8A4F at NWS-EXCH2.nws.oregonstate.edu>
smtp to outages for 181 recips, completed in 0.190 seconds

The first message was sent to "outages at oregonstate.edu", an alias for
the list address.  The "require_explicit_destination" setting is set to
"No".  The second message was sent to the actual list address,
outages at lists.oregonstate.edu, and was delivered normally.

So why did the first message only go to "1 recips"?  Are there any other
logs that I can check to discover what went wrong?

Kirsten Petersen
Network Services * Oregon State University
http://oregonstate.edu/net * irc.oregonstate.edu #osu-is
"Paper doesn't grow on trees."

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