[Mailman-Users] Recommended way to get subscriber list with full names?

Stefan Förster cite+mailman-users at incertum.net
Sat Nov 15 12:57:01 CET 2008

* Jan Steinman <Jan at Bytesmiths.com> wrote:
> My client needs to periodically get a list of subscribers, including
> the names they entered, and to have a count.
> I put 'list_members -f -p NewsletterName | sort -d -b -f' in a php
> script with secret URL for her to use, but it is failing with
> "Permission denied: '/private/var/mailman/lists/newslettername/
> config.pck'."

What does "periodically" mean? Once every five minutes? Do you really
need real time data?

If you followed the installation instructions carefully, you created a
dedicated user who owns Mailman files and directories and can execute
the command cited above. Simply execute the command as this user,
write the output to a defined location and then have your PHP script
read that file and display it.

Judging from the error message above, you are running MacOS X which
supports the traditional Unix "cron" daemon as well as a new service
called "launchd". You can use both of them to create the required
output periodically.

If you did not create a dedicated user for Mailman during
installation then I'm out of ideas.

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