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Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Mon Nov 17 05:42:45 CET 2008

Hi friends, hoping you can help me out. I am having to do too much work running our lists.

Apparently, list members not as knowledgeable as I are looking in the headers for our list address, and accidentally end up using the wrong address.

In the header there are at least three instances of the address:
listname-bounces at lists.host.org


All contain an address that can be too easily mistaken for the list address.

That means I end up having to do personal contact with way too many people to let them know that they did not use the correct address, so they need to resend.

I notice that this list does not show me the real address in those headers, but rather something like:
Sender: mailman-users-bounces+myaddress=mydomain.org at python.org

So I would guess that the list admin for this listserver rarely sees users mistaking the Sender: header for the correct address.

I am getting pretty tired of this. How can I fix it?

This is a hosted list at dreamhost, so I cannot run any commands. If there is an easy cure, I can probably get the host to do it (it would probably have to apply to all their hosted lists, not just mine), but is there something I can do about this?

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Michael Welch, volunteer
Redwood Alliance
PO Box 293
Arcata, CA 95518
mwelch at redwoodalliance.org

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