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Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Mon Nov 17 19:32:56 CET 2008

Brad Knowles wrote at 09:09 AM 11/17/2008:
>Michael Welch wrote:
>>That means I end up having to do personal contact with way too many
>>people to let them know that they did not use the correct address, so
>>they need to resend.
>>I notice that this list does not show me the real address in those
>>headers, but rather something like:
>>Sender: mailman-users-bounces+myaddress=mydomain.org at python.org
>>So I would guess that the list admin for this listserver rarely sees
>>users mistaking the Sender: header for the correct address.
>We get a few people who send to mailman-users-owner thinking that they're posting to the whole list, but I disabuse them of that notion.
>Over the several years I've been acting as one of the co-owners of this list, I don't recall getting any messages being sent by users to mailman-users-bounces.

Right, that must be because this list's Sender: header does not look like a real email address. I wonder why ours are different.

>>I am getting pretty tired of this. How can I fix it?
>You can set up an auto-responder.  For the web admin page for your mailing list, go to the "Auto-responder" section.  From there, you can set the auto-responder message for all posts that are sent to the list, and there's a separate auto-responder message that you can create for all messages sent to listname-owner, which should also include all messages sent to listname-bounces.

That does not work, I assume because the message to -owner is coming from -bounces and not from the original list member. So an autoresponder would be sent back to -bounces, which might actually create an endless loop (though I imagine Mailman traps for that).

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