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Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Tue Nov 18 22:33:03 CET 2008

Thanks to all, lots of info in there.

I see now that it is probably not user error that is causing this, but that some users have a version of Outlook that may inadvertently picking up the address from the Sender: header.

So, I have a feature suggestion: Add an autoreply option for -bounces incoming emails.

Mark Sapiro wrote at 09:13 AM 11/18/2008:
>Michael Welch wrote:
>>Right, that must be because this list's Sender: header does not look like a real email address. I wonder why ours are different.
>This thread has been well covered. I just want to add a couple of
>As mentioned in other replies, the difference in the 'bounces' address
>is that it is VERP like on this list and not on yours.
>Also, enabling Mailman's VERP on all list posts will not necessarily
>stop people from replying to the VERPd address, but it will stop your
>seeing their replies because VERPd bounces are never "unrecognized".
>Also, if they do it often enough, they will be disabled by bounce
>Finally, as alluded to in another reply, this is probably not "users"
>replying to the -bounces address because they see it in a header.
>Rather, it is more likely to be user's MUAs. See
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