[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail not being processed?

Jewel jewel.brueggeman-makda at washburn.edu
Wed Nov 19 00:29:08 CET 2008

At first mail was being delivered - then it stopped - and now it's 
delivering again but everytime it has been delivering the messages are 
delivered out of order and the delay can be anywhere from 10 min - 4 
hours. I looked at the FAQ and I know this is not my issue because users 
from gmail, aol, yahoo, etc are receiving - it's just that they response 
of post is delayed.  If I send a test to the mailman list (which I am a 
member of) I can see in the /var/log/maillog that the message was sent 
and my smtp log looks fine.  I can also see the post in archives.  A 
while later I will finally see the post in my inbox.  I am concerned 
that my machine is the culprit  but am not sure.  I have check the 
qfiles/in and qfiles/out and they are empty.  I do have a lot in 
qfiles/bad but that's because there is a lot of bad emails on these lists.

I am not sure how to "follow a post" from MTA to Mailman and back to MTA 
to confirm my machine is processing correctly. 


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Jewel wrote:
>> I really need someone to help me.  I have confirmed that mail is coming 
> >from my server but then it disappears.  I don't know what logs to look 
>> at or what items to check to check if the problem is in fact my machine 
>> not able to process the mail. 
> You've raised a few issues: missing delivery, slow delivery, lost posts.
> The FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/4oA9> has some info on mail not
> being delivered to some users.
> For slow delivery, check Mailman's 'smtp' log and Mailman's qfiles/out/
> queue for signs of backlogging - i.e. anywhere from some to lots of
> entries in qfiles/out; log entries of the form
> Nov 18 08:51:29 2008 (30746) <message id> smtp to LISTNAME for 217
> recips, completed in 4.734 seconds
> with fewer than tens or hundreds of messages per second and timestamps
> equal to the previous entry's time stamp plus the processing time of
> this entry.
> Also check the MTA log and follow a post from the MTA to mailman and
> back to the MTA and from there to the end users. If posts are being
> sent to end recipients and not bouncing, they've left your control and
> if recipients aren't receiving them, you have to look to the receiving
> server.

Jewel Makda
Student Computer Services Coordinator

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