[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail not being processed?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Nov 19 05:32:49 CET 2008

on 11/18/08 6:12 PM, Jewel said:

> _This is my postfix mail log - so if I see it was sent here like the 
> above example doesn't that mean it has left my machine and it out of my 
> control at that point?_

For that one copy of that one message, yes -- it's been delivered.  And 
that delay only covers when the message comes into the postfix queue and 
when it is delivered from the postfix queue.  That doesn't take into 
account the amount of time that the message may have been sitting in the 
Mailman queue, but then we should be able to account for that in the 
Mailman logs.

But lots of messages showing up with a high value in the delay= 
parameter would clearly show that the problem is after Mailman, and 
would be an issue that needs to be resolved within postfix, or between 
postfix and your upstream server(s).

> That rate-limiting would make sense because I am forwarding all the mail 
> to a relay which can only deliver 2-3 messages per second._

That would do it.  You need to talk to your ISP.

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