[Mailman-Users] so how can I test a modified gate_news?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Nov 21 07:18:12 CET 2008

on 11/20/08 11:06 PM, skip at pobox.com said:

> It occurs to me that maybe I could set up a one-way gateway from some
> arbitrary low-traffic newsgroup to a one-off mailing list.  I haven't any
> experience setting up gate_news.  Can someone here suggest a recipe for
> testing this beast which doesn't require too much scaffolding?

The issue here is that you not only need to set up a different version 
of gate_news, you really kind of need to set up a different copy of 
Mailman to play with, and you need a few test e-mail addresses to use as 
your mail-side subscribers, and a news server account somewhere else in 
the world so that you can see what news articles look like when they go out.

Any of the standard "test" newsgroups would be fine to use as your 
guinea pig, since you're going to go ahead and throw all that stuff away 
when you're done.

Barry does a lot of this kind of testing in his own little playground on 
the machines he owns, and I believe that Mark does the same.

We can see about setting up a second copy of Mailman (and gate_news) on 
the python.org machines, but it would be a little easier to test with if 
we could do that on a machine that did not already have an existing 
production Mailman installation.

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