[Mailman-Users] so how can I test a modified gate_news?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Nov 21 07:18:16 CET 2008

On 11/20/2008 11:06 PM, skip at pobox.com wrote:
> I've got this gate_news script modified to run SpamBayes but I'm 
> unsure how I can test it.  I'm fairly confident that I got most 
> things right, but the only news-to-mail gateway I have access to is 
> for comp.lang.python, not one I'd care to hose up too badly.

Aw, why not.  :P

> It occurs to me that maybe I could set up a one-way gateway from some 
> arbitrary low-traffic newsgroup to a one-off mailing list.  I haven't 
> any experience setting up gate_news.  Can someone here suggest a 
> recipe for testing this beast which doesn't require too much 
> scaffolding?

Why not set up another mailing list that does the same gatewaying but 
this time through the SpamBayes filter.

As I sit here and type that I'm betting that the filtering will be 
Mailman install wide, not just mailing list specific.  (Presuming that 
this is the case.)  Why not shut down your Mailman instance and copy it 
to another location for testing.  Go ahead and re-start your first 
instance and then tweak the second one for the testing in a new 
location.  I think that would allow you to run tow completely 
independent Mailman installs with different features.

This is presuming that Mailman will allow its self to run multiple 
instances on the same system.  If this is not possible, let me know as I 
have a system that I could do a temporary install of Mailman and do some 
testing and compare it against another install that I have.

Though, something to keep in mind is that now is not really the best 
time to try things with the drop in spam with McColo being shut down and 

> Thanks,


Grant. . . .

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