[Mailman-Users] Moving archives to a new list?

Johnny Stork lists at openenterprise.ca
Sat Nov 22 00:05:50 CET 2008

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately this didnt work completely 
since all the html, attachements etc were not included. So I tried this 
but still not complete success

1: Copied archives/private/OLDLIST.mbox/OLDLIST.mbox to 

2: Copied everything in archives/private/OLDLIST.ca to archives/N EWLIST.ca

3: Edited archives/private/NEWLIST.ca/pipermail.pck so the basedir is 
now archives/private/NEWLIST.ca

I could then go to the archives page and see all the old messages just 
fine, but a couple problems persist

1: If I send a message to the NEWLIST, it is processed fine, but the 
archive html pages does not show the new postings?

2: All previous postings in the archives to OLDLIST, where there are 
attachements, still point to the OLDLIST location

Is there any way to at least fix #1? that you know of

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Johnny Stork wrote
>> I have been running a mailing list which now requires a name change. I 
>> have created the new list and so was wondering if there is some way to 
>> move all the old archives to the new list? They are on the same 
>> server/domain, but have different names now?
> Copy or prepend archives/private/OLDLIST.mbox/OLDLIST.mbox to
> archives/private/NEWLIST.mbox/NEWLIST.mbox - copy if NEWLIST has no
> current archives that you want to keep; prepend if you want to merge
> the OLDLIST archive with the current NEWLIST archive.
> Then run
>  bin/arch --wipe NEWLIST

Johnny Stork
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